Once I was doing some online shopping for me and there was a sale on it. There was a wide range of sneakers, boots, and shoes, ankle boots, high tops etc. so I ordered some for me from the ebay and I had to go award function with my friend that’s why I went to the Amsterdam. After attending that function I came to my home and I was very tired that day, so whenever I got tired I use to play some online games which makes my mood fresh and earned some money too.

That night I was searching some good betting games in Jackpot City Casino by which I could get some money for more shopping. So after searching a lot I found a forum where many players were online and sharing their own experiences of the different casino games. So I found there a new slot machine named golden goose and which was based on the original goose bird which had unusual powers. And also most of people are familiar with its golden eggs story, but I believe in the true meaning of this is to become rich.

If you are planning to play with this amazing pokie then for the New Zealand gamblers there are so many website which will give the best payouts and prizes to make you win. This is basically four different types of bonuses you will find in this machine, first one is card game, in which you will earn free spins in this. The second one is the egg; in this the all symbols will be replaced by the eggs. And the instant prize option will give you the chance to earn up to 2000 coins. So I really enjoyed it when I played and would surely suggest you to play this own, then you will know how amazing I this machine.